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CALLE, Luis de la, and SÁNCHEZ-CUENCA, Ignacio (2013): «Killing and Voting in the Basque Country: An Exploration of the Electoral Link Between ETA and its Political Branch», Terrorism and Political Violence, vol. 25, nº 1, pp. 94-112.

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We deal in this paper with the relationship between ETA attacks and electoral support for Batasuna, its political wing. We show that the relationship is twofold, since the geographical distribution of electoral support for the terrorists affects the location of ETA attacks, but violence also influences electoral support for the terrorist cause. On the one hand, when ETA chooses a location for its attacks, it takes into account the electoral strength of Batasuna. Our results show that the higher the vote for Batasuna in a municipality, the more likely members of the security forces will be killed there. With regard to the targeting of civilians, the relationship is curvilinear. ETA kills civilians in municipalities that are polarized, where support for Batasuna falls short of being hegemonic. On the other hand, our results also show that ETA attacks have an effect on the size of its support community. When ETA kills members of the security forces, voters punish the Batasuna party electorally. In the case of civilians, it depends on the specifics of the various campaigns. We find that when ETA kills informers and drug dealers, the vote for Batasuna increases. ETA’s killing of non-nationalist politicians, however, decreases Batasuna’s vote share.

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