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JERAM, Sanjay and CONVERSI, Daniele (2014): «Deliberation and Democracy at the End of Armed Conflict: Postconflict Opportunities in the Basque Country», in UGARRIZA, Juan y CALUWAERTS, Didier (eds.): Democratic Deliberation in Deeply Divided Societies: From Conflict to Common Ground. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 53-72.

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In this chapter, we will argue that historical legacies and the complexity of the cleavages are responsible for the poor record of deliberative democracy in the Basque Country, but that the postconflict situation opens a new window of opportunity for the use of deliberative practices. With the threat of violence all but gone, political actors can no longer justify intransigence by references to old prejudices that do not reflect the reality on the ground. Public opinion surveys indicate that the Basque public is less divided on certain key issues than are the main political parties, which suggests that a more deliberative society could have positive results.

Sanjay Jeram.
Daniele Conversi. Página del autor en Dialnet.

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