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CASQUETE, Jesús (2013): «Commemorative Calendar and Reproduction of Radical Basque Nationalism», Politics, Religion and Ideology, vol. 14, nº 1, pp. 21-35.

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The article analyzes the terrorist phenomenon and its social concomitants in the Basque Country, from the transition to democracy in Spain at the end of the 1970s until armed violence ceased in October 2011. Confronting the terrorist phenomenon requires joint political, judicial, police, social and economic measures. The cultural sphere is one dimension of the struggle against terrorism that has been avoided for too long in the Basque Country and in Spain. Several questions will be addressed: how is a radical milieu forged and perpetuated, fostering habits of exclusiveness, extremism, incivility and parochialism among its members to the point of justifying the use of violence to achieve political goals that affect the entire social sphere? What mnemonic mechanisms are used in the struggle to preserve a collective identity within a society that overwhelmingly rejects recourse to violence? What role do rituals and activities linked to a ‘commemorative calendar’ play in this integrating process?

Jesús Casquete. Página del autor en Dialnet.

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