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MARTÍNEZ-HERRERA, Enric (2008): «Taming Basque Nationalist Extremism? The Role of Democratisation, Self-rule, Reinsertion, and Negotiation (1979-2007», Working Papers CEPC, nº 1.

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Nationalist extremism in the Basque Country, the main manifestation of which is ETA terrorism, has been the target of a wide array of constitutional and ordinary policies. Aside from repression, these include the substantial restructuring of government and the reallocation of public resources, which are derived from a responsive approach to conflict resolution. In addition, at various periods, the Spanish government has undertaken some attempts to end terrorism by talking with ETA while it held cease-fires. Through a multivariate research design, this study evaluates the outcomes of the main policies that have been implemented. The analysis shows that the granting of Basque self-governing institutions has substantially mitigated political extremism, both with respect to attitudes and terrorism. As for the cease-fires and talks between government and insurgents, they have reduced the number of fatalities, without producing any delayed, subsequent increase in this parameter.

Enric Martínez-Herrera. Página del autor en Dialnet.

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Working paper

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