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CASTELLS, Luis y RIVERA, Antonio (2017): «The battle for the past Community, forgetting, democracy», en LEONISIO, Rafael, MOLINA, Fernando y MURO, Diego (eds.): ETA’s Terrorist Campaign. From violence to politics, 1968-2015. Londres/Nueva York: Routledge, pp. 184-200.

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From 1968 to 2010 terrorism related to the Basque Country caused 914 mortal victims. Ninety-two per cent of them were the responsibility of ETA. Only 5 per cent of these crimes were committed in the years of the dictatorship. The most lethal years occurred between the death of Franco in 1975 and the end of the transition to democracy: 96 murders took place in 1980, the year of the formation of the first Basque Parliament and government. With the coming of democracy ETA’s revolutionary project proved to be more aggressive, efficient and influential than ever. During those years its political design to bring about a rupture clashed intensely and violently with the democratic and institutional course followed by the rest of the parties. It was a true ‘battle of legitimacies’. The leading role in Basque terrorism was played by the different brands of ETA following the split in this organisation and by related groups (particularly the autonomous anti-capitalist cells). Besides being responsible for nine out of every ten victims, during this period only ETA maintained its continuity, its constant criminal capacity and, above all, its ethno-nationalist political project, which was defended using violence and supported by the civil fabric formed of radical Basque nationalism.

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