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CASQUETE, Jesús (2006): «Protest Rituals and Uncivil Communities», Totalitarian Movements and Political Religions, vol. 7, nº 3, pp. 283-301.

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Our world features communities suffering from an excess of collective identity. If these communities value group over individual liberties, resort to violent means in order to pursue their goals, and members join them on a relatively voluntary basis, they qualify as ‘uncivil’. Two such contemporary communities are compared: the Basque movement around the terrorist organisation ETA and the right-wing constellation around the National Democratic Party in Germany. Both are of a radical nationalist nature. Out of the resource-pool at the disposal of social groups and communities to preserve their boundaries in a largely hostile environment, this article will consider one central factor: namely, their political liturgy and politics of the streets. Contemporary western political religions, it will be argued, stage ritual demonstrations with such extraordinary frequency not merely to put forward their demands in society, but also as an inner means of communication in order to preserve group solidarity.

Jesús Casquete. Página del autor en Dialnet.

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